Fun with TRX

This summer I tried TRX for the first time. I have heard criticism of TRX, not for the training specifically, but because its nothing new. The Olympic Rings have been around for a long time and because they are not patented, they are cheap. Or, you can put a yellow strap on the Rings, modify the handle, give it a cool name, and just like that you can triple the price and you’ve got yourself a business.

On the other hand, anything that brings training and exercise to the masses is a good thing.

I did a TRX session with Kevin Cogley, the former Irish International Sprinter, who has been teaching TRX for over 2 years now. There was nothing we did with the TRX straps that I can’t do with the Olympic Rings, so the strap itself, I can do without. The real value here was the introduction to new movement types and training techniques that I never would have thought of.

I was impressed by TRX, so if TRX is your thing, I’d stick with it. The session I did left me exhausted, and I felt it particularly in my core muscles. I won’t be joining a TRX class as a regular, but I might do a class every now and then to break my routine. And key for me, I’ve taken away some great exercises that I will incorporate into my training on the Rings. Try new things and keep learning.

Post TRX Workout
Post TRX Workout

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