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I bought Rushfit way back in 2013 and wrote a blog review on it which you can read here. Rushfit consists of multiple DVDs and an 8 week training programme with nutrition guide. I remember finding Rushfit intense enough that I stopped all my other training to focus on the 8 week programme. And once I’d finished the 8 weeks, I did the programme again, and then again, I think I may have gotten through it 5 or 6 times because I found it so beneficial and enjoyable.

I still do Rushfit today but I no longer do the programme. In my ever evolving routine, Rushfit still has its place. I typically do one of the Rushfit workouts every 8 days or so. I’m actually amazed the DVD’s still work after nearly 7 years of constant use. I can’t remember how much I paid for the Rushfit DVDs, I think it was somewhere between $100 and $150, but after 7 years, its probably the best return on investment on any fitness item or service I’ve ever bought.

I went looking and the Rushfit website doesn’t seem to exist anymore, I certainly couldn’t find it. Georges Saint Pierres own website doesn’t have Rushfit available in their online store either. Amazon seems to be the only place its available to buy. And if you don’t want to buy it, its easy to find on Youtube for free. The lack of a Rushfit website makes me think that this was a one time thing and there won’t be any sequels coming, which is a shame because I’d love to see an updated version.

I have two kids so exercising at home is often the only option available. If you’re strapped for time and can only train at home for whatever reason, I can think of no better combination of exercises than the Rushfit DVDs combined with the DDPY yoga app. If you’re not fit, and your resolution for 2020 is to get so, and you asked me to recommend one thing, it would be Rushfit.

Georges Saint Pierre
DVDs still going strong after 7 years
A bit of Rushfit in the sunshine


Rushfit Review

Rushfit is a home fitness DVD from former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges Saint Pierre (GSP). As a long time fan of GSP I wanted to give this a try, and also, I consider GSP to be one of the most athletic individuals in the world, in any sport. Obviously I’m aware that GSP’s fitness and conditioning comes from more than a home training programme but I was eager to get even a taste of what GSP does.

The man himself, George Saint Pierre

I started the 8 week Rushfit programme with the intention of doing it in addition to my usual gym routine. The big mistake I made here was the “in addition to” – Rushfit by itself was so intensive, that I very quickly decided that the gym was off the cards for the next 8 weeks. The results I saw after 8 weeks were amazing. I considered myself to be in good shape already, but Rushfit taught me otherwise. I dropped from 80kg to 73kg. My goal had always been to get bigger, with Rushfit I got smaller, more shredded, and would you believe, stronger. Some muscles even got smaller, and then re-grew, only this time with more functional strength. The results were so good that after the 8 week programme, I didn’t bother going back to the gym, I just started the 8 week Rushfit programme again. By now my gym membership has long since expired and I’m still doing Rushfit, 8 weeks on, 1 week rest, and then 8 weeks on again.

As for the programme itself, it consists of a nutrition plan, and 5 DVDs; Strength and Endurance, Explosive Power, Fight Conditioning, Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning, and Full Body Strength and Conditioning. Each DVD consists of a warm up, followed by 5 rounds of exercise which are 5 minutes long each, and then a cool down. GSPs trainer Erik Owings does most of the talking and leads the workouts, explaining all the different movements. GSP is more of a participant and interjects from time to time to give his thoughts. All the workouts are tough but enjoyable (once you’re done). All the DVDs have the same warm up and cool down, it would have been nice if there was some variety in these. And while I thought Erik Owings leads the workouts extremely well, I can imagine some people would have liked it if GSP had more air time, if it was GSP who motivated the purchase. Overall, I don’t see myself stopping Rushfit anytime some, its become a core part of my training. I also got a cool t-shirt once I sent Rushfit a before and after photo, and other details of the progress I made. I highly recommend.

I went 8 weeks with GSP Rushfit and didn’t tap

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