New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s resolution, to keep moving. I went for my first run of 2016 today in the Phoenix Park. The phoenix seems an appropriate metaphor, a new you emerging from the ashes of the old.

I quit the gym a few years ago and decided to focus instead on movement, bodyweight exercises, and running. Why? Because I realised that even with all my gym sessions, I still lived a mostly sedentary lifestyle. The main culprits behind my (and everyones) lack of movement include: reduced amountĀ of active human transport (walking, cycling), increased sedentary leisure pursuits at home (television and computer based activities) and increased amounts of seated desk based office work.

The Lancet published a series of papers based on national statistics from around the world which stated that globally, 40% of individuals with cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cancer, failed to achieve the minimum recommendations for health of 150mins/week of moderate-intensity physical activity. In high income countries in Europe and North America, this figure rose to 70%.

My goal is to maintain where I’m at now, and to try and increase the types of complexity of the movements I do. I’m a million miles away from the abilities of the people that inspired my current training, Rene Borg, Jason Kehoe, and Ido Portal, but my advice is to focus more on the process, not the end goals. If you stick to the process, you’ll achieve your goals eventually, but if you set yourself goals within unrealistic timeframes, it can be disheartening if you miss them. Set yourself some 2016 goals, create a process to achieve them, and get to work.

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Phoenix Park




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