Duck for Breakfast

Duck has to be one of my favourite meats, why not have some for breakfast instead of dinner? Duck is easy enough to cook, just fry it! Fry it skin side down but be careful not to have the heat too high, and watch it carefully, as it can burn easily. While duck has a reputation for being fatty (and I didn’t trim the fat off), its also high in iron and protein.

After the duck has been fried and looks cooked (cut it in half to be sure, its okay to be a tad red/pink), pour over some syrup, this sounds indulgent, but syrup is high in zinc, which your body doesn’t produce by itself, and zinc helps boost the immune system. Then bake for 4 to 6 minutes after that at 180 degrees.

Serve with a fried egg, a toasted waffle, and some extra syrup for the waffles, and what a great start to the day you’re having. Breakfast of champions.

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Rice Milk Porridge

A nice porridge to start your day out right. Porridge is so easy to make, for this one, one cup of Porridge Oats and one cup of Rice milk in a saucepan, heat for 10-15 mins, add some honey when its done to make it sweeter, and some granola on top and your done.


Rice Milk is nice to use once in a while because it has the least amount of fat compared to all other milk alternatives. There is only 1 gram of fat per cup of rice milk. Rice milk contains lots of manganese and selenium to give your immune system a boost.

Granola, as a digestive aid, is almost unmatched and the fiber in granola makes the body feel full, because it bulks up food and absorbs water so you won’t be hungry again until its time for lunch. Granola is also a concentrated form of energy, many hikers take granola on their trips, and will help give you that extra boost without the energy crash that comes with sugar.

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