When life gets in the way

In the last 22 days I’ve exercised 7 times. Thats not a lot. It doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting in front of the television the whole time. I’ve been working in the garden and been outside a fair bit, so I’ve been up and active, but there has been a distinct lack of planned exercise due to work, work trips, other trips, miscellaneous tasks around the house, etc. And there might have been some TV time thrown in there too. Essentially, life has gotten in the way. This is always going to happen from time to time.

I do love to exercise, thats no secret, but I find that during these periods when life gets busy, that the less I exercise, the less motivated I am to get back to exercising. I can get consumed by routine, and when I lose that routine, I get frustrated. Paleoanthropologist Joseph Lieberman has speculated that people today aren’t motivated to exercise because hunter-gatherers, from whom we descend, needed a lot of rest. To do nothing when you didn’t have to was adaptive once and necessary to survive, but it’s maladaptive now. Activity and inactivity are complementary traits, skilfully balanced by the hunter-gatherer, but mismanaged today.

You may not always be motivated to exercise, and that is okay, but thats when your discipline comes to into play. During those times when life gets busy, fit in what you can even if its not a lot, and when your schedule clears again, get planning and let your discipline carry you when your motivation won’t.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 20.00.31
“Life” getting in the way of exercise, not always a bad thing
Back at the gym – no better time than today

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