Training at the Barre pt.2

Nine months ago I wrote a blog post about my first experience doing a Barre Class. I came across the concept of Barre training in an article in Men’s Health magazine. Since that time there seems to be more and more Barre classes popping up in gyms and pilates studios across the country. I’m not surprised by the rising popularity of Barre as I’ve found the Barre workouts to be very beneficial and I’ve continued to attend classes as part of my workout routine.

I benefit from the functional movement, strength work, and stretching that Barre class incorporates. Its a core and stabiliser muscle workout like no other. One of the great things about Barre workouts is you can constantly make it harder for yourself. If you can hold yourself in a plie position with ease, why not try and hold that position an inch lower, and suddenly you’ll feel the burn again. You can constantly turn up or down the intensity to suit your level.

I like to switch up the classes I attend, so I’m only at Barre once every two weeks but I’ve seen great improvements in my Barre abilities, and overflow improvements into other exercises I do. I find it so beneficial I’d be tempted to take a break from some of the other exercises I do and take a month of pure Barre to see the effects.

Its still mostly women that attend this class, and I suppose thats to be expected. But there are so many benefits for men with a class like this. If you’re a man and you want a solid core strength workout, and your ego doesn’t mind being out-trained by women half your size, you should definitely add this to your agenda.

Barre Training

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