Not a morning person

I’m not a morning person, I think few people are. When my alarm clock rings every muscle in my body is telling me that its okay to sleep in a little longer because I need the rest, and my brain is telling me that a missed workout this morning can easily be compensated for later in the week.

But getting up early is a good habit to get into. The early hours of the morning are a good time to get things done without distraction. The time between when you wake up and when you get to work is ideal for accomplishing personal goals that are not related to your job. I also enjoy starting my day with something other than work because it means that work is something that comes in the middle of my day, but the beginning and end of the day is my time. Preparation and routine are key to being an early starter.

You won’t win every morning, but its worth trying.

Here are some tips to help get started in the morning:

  • Prepare in advance. This means your alarm is set, clothes ready by the bed, workout equipment set up, and coffee capsule in the Nespresso machine.
  • Use a motivating Alarm Clock. The standard “beep beep beep” would drive anyone mad. For a long time my alarm clock was set up to play this video. Lately, I’ve been using the Rock Clock. The Rock Clock has no snooze feature, to turn it off you have to hit two buttons, one saying “Get Up”, and then the other “Get After it”. The Rock Clock has a weird psychological effect on me, its seems disingenuous to sleep in after having already confirmed with The Rock that I’m “getting up, and getting after it.”
  • Have more time than you need. Don’t set you alarm so that you can get up, achieve a personal goal, and make it into work with seconds to spare, this is more stress than its worth. Time should be your friend, no rushing.
6am Wake up call with the Rock


Inspirational message of the Day


Workout Gear Prepped and Ready to go
In town by 8am for a cafe stop off, coffee and a read
Different coffee, different read, have to keep things free







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