Underdog Boxing

I decided to try my hand at a boxing inspired fitness class, a bit of a change from the Ballet inspired fitness class I tried before.

IMAG1033The set up at Underdog is great. Lockers, showers, reception, waiting area, and the gym in general is well looked after, and well kitted out, with heavy bags, speed bags and a boxing ring. At my first class I noticed that most of the other people had brought their own boxing gloves, I learned why when we were asked to glove-up and I put my hand into a very sweaty glove. I decided if I wanted to continue with this class I’d also have to buy my own gloves, which I have. Aldi were conveniently selling boxing gloves so I bought them with my weekly shop.

The classes are pretty intensive, lots of jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers. These are exercises that I’m more accustomed to from the Rushfit I do, so I figured I’d make it to the end of this class pretty easily, but when exhaustion set in and I looked up at the clock, we were only 15mins into an hour long class! I knew then I was going to get my moneys worth.

The “boxing” element of these classes comes from the heavy bag work. You work with a partner if its busy, by yourself if its not, and you alternate from IMAG1019exercises like burpees and mountain climbers, to hitting the bag, and the class carries on like this for an hour with variations in the exercises throughout. Hitting the bag is what I found most fun, but by the end, I was hitting the bag a lot softer and slower than at the beginning. Its a shoulder workout like no other. One of the new instructors is adding in more boxing combinations which is a nice change from the standard one-two. A choice quote from the instructor when he asked us to improvise the combinations, “just hit the bleedin’ thing”.

The boy-girl ratio is about 50/50, but it varies on class by class basis. I’ll keep going to this gym from time to time, its a fun element to add to my workouts.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try a boxing class! Sadly they don’t have a whole lot of gyms period where I’m from 😛 but that sounds like such a great workout I’ll have to keep looking!


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