Indoor Exercise two: one handed wall drill

Its still cold and miserable outside so finding bodyweight exercises to do indoors is still the goal. This one is fairly difficult if you’re not reasonably confident with handstands already.

To begin, with your back to the wall, walk your feet up the wall until you are in a handstand position facing the wall. The only touch points should be your hands on the ground, and your feet on the wall. From here, alternate from one hand to the other, 5 second holds each side. Continue for as long as you can. When I started I could only do one hold each side before I fell, but I’m progressing from there, practise makes perfect.

This exercise requires concentration so don’t rush through it. Blood will rush to your head and to your posting hand. The more you do this exercise the more you’ll adapt and the blood rush will stop, or at least, you’ll adapt to it.

This a great exercise for shoulder strength and over all stabilisation, and it will help with your free standing hand stand progression too. Video below has been sped up.


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