Waterford Viking Quarter Marathon

On June 27th I ran the Waterford Viking Quarter Marathon. I had to travel to get to Waterford so it was good that race number collection went on until 9pm the night before the race. There was lots of race staff at race number collection, lots of staff the next day for bag drop, and even a shuttle bus back to the city centre once the race was over. A very well organised race.

The route was an enjoyable one, starting in the Mall between the Medieval Museum and the House of Waterford Crystal. The Full, Half, and Quarter Marathon runners all started together and followed the same route at the beginning, taking in lots of narrow side streets, the tower, the waterfront, its an enjoyable and scenic route. The saddest part was when the course split, with Full and Half Marathon runners going right, and Quarter runners going left. How I wish I didn’t have to go left, I would have liked to run the Half Marathon, but I only recently found out about this race and I didn’t have the time to reach Half Marathon level conditioning.

This race ended really well, with a lap of the track at the Waterford Regional Sports Centre. And the medal is one of the coolest I’ve gotten. I ran the race in 58 mins and 32 seconds, not too fast, but an enjoyable pace throughout, and challenging at times up the hills and in the heat. Next year I’ll plan my races a bit better, and maybe come back and run the Half Marathon. If you’re looking for good races to do in Ireland, this is one of them.

Race Finish
Race Finish

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