One of the best things you can do when exercising is, “have fun with it”.

For me, I could think of no better way to “have fun with it” than to take part in a runDisney event, “where every mile is magic” – as Disney say.

The runDisney events take place in the Disney theme parks. I’ve done two runDisney half-marathons so far, one in 2012, and more recently in 2014. As per everything Disney theme park related, the runDisney events are organised down to the last detail. It race starts on time, with every runner in the correct place relative to their finishing times, and you finish before the parks open. There is road side entertainment and refreshments throughout, and the finishing area has food and buses to take you home. You’ll not find a better organised event.

Running down mainstreet toward Cinderella's castle
Running down mainstreet toward Cinderella’s castle

I took up running in 2012 in order to run the 2012 Walt Disney World Half Marathon because I saw it as a great way to combine my love of training with my love of Disneyland. The runDisney spokesman, trainer, and former US Olympian Jeff Galloway has very useful training guides to make sure you peak on race day and finish the race in an up right position, and still have the energy to tackle a day in the theme parks. His training programmes consist of three runs per week. Two 30 minute runs during the working week, and a gradually increasing distance run at the weekend.

Me and runDisney spokesman and US Olympian Jeff Galloway
Me and runDisney spokesman and US Olympian Jeff Galloway

I’m not suggesting that everyone sign up for a runDisney event. I’ve built two great holidays around runDisney races but it might not be for everyone. I suggest that you find something that you love, and try to incorporate it into your exercise routine, even just once in a while, it will help to keep you interested. As for me, I have an ever expanding catalog of runDisney events to choose from. As soon as I find the time and money, I’ll be back.

Donald Duck medal, doesn't get much better.
Donald Duck medal, doesn’t get much better.


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