The Low Shuffle

The Low Shuffle is a Plyometric exercise. Plyometric exercises are maximum effort exercises, but in short intervals of time. Plyometrics usually involve jumping of some sort, and the aim is to exert as much force as possible in a single movement. They stretch the muscles out, and then snap them back. These are explosive movements, with the goal of increasing speed, and explosive muscle power.

The Low Shuffle looks simple, almost like a lunge, but its a lot more. As demonstrated in the video, you have to do your best not to jump too high, or raise your hips too far off the ground. Maintain a low position, and when going through the motion, try to keep your lead thigh parallel to the ground.

The low shuffle will increase explosive power in the hip flexors and legs. For me that extra explosive power comes in handy at the end of the long race, and I’m close to a personal best but need a little burst to get me over the line.


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