Mo Run


Its the month of November, which is also the month of Movember. I decided to grow a moustache and run the MoRun 10K in the Phoenix Park with my fiancée. My weekly running routine consists of three runs. Two 30 minute runs during the week, and a distance run at the weekend, and I stuck to this routine for the MoRun. The MoRun is about raising awareness and having some fun so I wasn’t looking to break any records so I was pleased with my 10K time of 52 mins and 52 seconds.

The MoRun is a very enjoyable race. The course isn’t flat, but the ups and downs are not all that steep so its manageable for most. The race organisation is done well, with the 5K runners starting first and doing one lap of the course, and the 10K runners starting 15 minutes later doing 2 laps.

There is a very fun atmosphere at this race. Lots of people were dressed up in fancy dress, there was a fun warm up consisting of dance moves such as the chainsaw, and the medal is in the shape of a moustache.


While I’ve no reason to believe Movember is anything but a great charity, I’ve not done any research into where the money raised goes, so this year I’m raising awareness, not money. I’m no doctor, but check out Men’s Health UK’s article on prostate cancer, which is most common cancer found in men, its an informative read.

Happy running and stay healthy.

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