Ido Portal created the one month hanging challenge. With a lack of items to hang off in my home and office (rubbish excuses) I didn’t fulfil the challenge but I have started to incorporate more hanging into my exercises and general life. I hang from the Rings in the park and from the bars on the tram during my commute.

Hanging more has improved the strength and stability in my shoulders, elbows, and wrists. I’ve also seen improvements in my grip strength and endurance. An unexpected gain, though in hindsight it seems obvious, was in my pull ups. Hanging is the basis of pulling strength, and when you become strong enough to hang with relative ease, pull ups become much more comfortable

The park I train in can be very busy. When families with kids pass by, the kids often ask to hang from the Rings I’ve set up. Two striking things about this. Firstly, kids have remarkable hanging strength, yes they are smaller but their muscles are also less developed so their hanging strength impressive.  As adults we have grown weaker than we should be due to the lack of physical demands in our daily lives. Secondly, kids can’t tell the difference between exercise and fun, to them its one and same, the Rings are essentially a playground. In our sedentary lives we tend not to move and climb and hang and exercise for no other reason than  because its fun. I’ve rediscovered that fun by moving from the indoor gym, to the outside world.

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