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I find dips to be a great exercise to workout triceps (back of the upper arms), deltoids (shoulders), and pectorals (chest) .

Dips are very simple to do. Keep your knees bent and make sure you are well balanced so you don’t fall forward. Push up until your arms are locked, and come down slowly until your deltoids or pectorals reach your hand level, and then push up again. Always look ahead and keep your body straight. Be sure to do full repetitions, all the way up, and all the way down. The more fully you do the repetitions, the more fully your strength and muscles will develop.

I switched from doing dips on a dip machine in the gym, to doing dips on Olympic Rings in the park. The difference has been amazing. Unlike the dip machine in the gym, the Olympic Rings are not stationary. A stationary machine targets single muscles and any progress you make is only applicable to the next time you’re on that machine, its specific to the point of uselessness. Because the Olympic Rings are not stationary, when you try to do dips, the rings try to move outwards, away from the body. To get the rings to stay in place, you have to engage a lot more of your stabilisation muscles, building functional strength.

When I switched from the dip machine to the Rings, the number of repetitions I could do plummeted.  Its important that you don’t get hung up on the number of repetitions, just concentrate on strict form. Better to do 3 dips with perfect form than 30 sloppy ones.

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