Running for 1,000 Miles


Today I hit the 1,000 mile mark on my Nike Plus App. Thats the equivalent of running from Barcelona, Spain, to Bratislava Slovakia. I bought my Nike+ wrist watch and accompanying shoes way back in 2011 when I decided I wanted to run my first half-marathon (or any race really) in January 2012. I trained for 29 weeks using the Jeff Galloway beginners running programme. This race was supposed to be a once off event because I was never a big fan of running but wanted to at least try. But because of the benefits I’ve seen from running, I never stopped. And of course I have seen benefits because running, as I have learnt, is the most species specific sport / exercise there is. No species can endurance run as well as a human can, its what we have evolved to do. Before we developed tools and weapons we could endurance run our prey into death. I now have 5 half marathons to my name and four years of running behind me. I have switched from the Nike+ wrist watch to the Nike+ App. My cardio has improved dramatically, I feel fitter, stronger, and burning all that fat while running has done more to reveal my abs than all the sit-ups and crunches combined. If you’re not running, I’d recommend you should start.

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